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Axial SMT10 Upgrade Series - Grave Digger - Part 2 - Axles and Drive-Shafts

Grave Digger Upgrade Part 2: Axles & Drive Shaft

Time to upgrade and strengthen those axles for monster truck status.

Boom Racing HD Diff Gear. Kept it at stock ratio. For now, only going in the rear axle.

Started with the rear axle first. Old diff setup coming out (on right), new one going in (on left).

Put the Axial locker into the diff housing. This is only for the rear axle

Another look at old(left) vs new(right)

All greased up and put back into the axle housing.

Time for the axle tubes

With the axle tubes... you'd need modifications to your stock rear axle shaft in order to get them to fit through the tubes. These Boom Racing HD Axle shaft required no modification whatsoever. Goes in perfectly.

Some how I missed taking a picture of the axle tube inside the axles for the rear, but here it is all put back together.

Time to get started on the front axles. Front axle shafts require no modification to fit through the axle tubes.

Getting that axle tube in. It's a tight fit, and on top of that not all AR60's are exactly the same. These tubes fit easily on the short side for the most part. On the long side, I had to bust out the hammer to get them in there. I had an easier time with the front axle accepting the tube on the long side than the rear.

Here is the axle tube inside the housing

Putting on the lower half of the GDS Racing drive shafts.

Axles all done.

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