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Axial SMT10 Upgrade Series - Max-D - Part 2 - Axles and Drive-Shafts

Max-D Upgrade Part 2 - Axles

Onward to part 2 of the Max-D upgrade.... got the following going in.

Took out the stock rear diff gear setup.

Put that Axial Locker in

Boom Racing HD Helical Gear Set put in

Time for the Xtra Speed Axle Tubes

Axle tubes are in

Boom Racing HD Axle shaft for tubes

Vanquish AR60 Rear lockouts

Rear axle is done

Starting the front axle

Xtra Speed Axle tubes going into the front axle

The tubes are all in

SSD HD60 Knuckles

Knuckles are on

MIP X-Duty C-Drive kit for SMT10

Lower half of the MIP Shafts put on the axles. Part 2 done.

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