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Axial SMT10 Upgrade Series - Max-D - Part 3 - Suspension and Steering

Max-D Upgrade Part 3 - Suspension, Links, Servo

Getting to the stability upgrades for the Max-D to handle the extra power and weight.

SSD Titanium Upper links

SSD upper links and Yeti lower link plates installed

Top half of the MIP shaft installed and connected in the rear

Vanquish Servo mount went on

Using Axial Bomber Rear Sway bar as a front sway bar on the SMT10

Front sway bar installed

Suspension all mounted up

DS3218 Servo mounted on. Hopefully it holds up.

SSD Titanium Steering links

Decided to use the stock servo horn instead of the Boom Racing aluminum one.

Front axle MIP shaft connected and all mounted up.

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