Element RC comes out with their new IFS RTR the Enduro Trailrunner

I've already got a 1.55 Element RC Trailwalker as well as the Element IFS Conversion kit. So why am I excited about this release?

Well this is the first lexan body that closely resembles a 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner. I've been wanting a 5th Gen 4Runner body for a while, and before this, the only option was a 3D printed one that was expensive and required a lot of prep work to be done. While this body is technically "unlicensed", it is pretty much 90% of the way there, and only requires some finishing touches like Knight Customs 3D printed parts should he decide to design pieces to finish this lexan body off.

It looks like there will also be 3 different looks, so that'll be an interesting thing as well. I wonder if they're included with the RTR, or sold separately as accessories to customize the Trailrunner.

I will definitely be picking one up for the body as well as the box which reportedly becomes a diorama of a car showroom.

For now, let's just enjoy these pictures.

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