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Element Enduro Builders Kit Build Series - Part 12 - 3D Printed Parts Body and Lights

Woohoo! I finally get to show off the body and stuff I've been working on for this build! It's all come together, and I think it's looking pretty sweet! I'll show you the 3D printed parts I made for this build, as well as the myTrickRC LEDs and the updated Rock Pirates Battery Tray.

First up, once again I'm using a Armory RC Katana 500oz servo.

So 3D printed parts... where do I start....

Magnet mounts... I made these magnet mounts for my power wagon body.

Here are the rear magnet mounts, and you can see why I like the Rock Pirates sliders. The magnets can stick to them!

Some felt to soften the blow for the magnets to the sliders

Here's my modular mid-chassis brace/receiver box/fuel cell. I took the high clearance mid-chassis brace that I created and added a fuel cell/receiver box on top of it.

Here's my rear bed (with a chassis brace underneath) and early prototype of my head rack.

Made a roof rack with Rock Pirates logo

3D printed a driver for the rig.

He's magnet mounted to the sliders

Made some louvers for the windows

Using these MyTrick RC Red LED Wafers

MyTrick RC Voltage converter

HeyOK Receiver switch

Created electronics housing for the receiver and other electrical doodads

Stuffed all that into the box

Created some magnetic wafer light mounts

The other wafer goes in the empty servo slot underneath

With the LED lights on

Here's the revised headrack with some 3D printed flintlock weapons

And last but not least... the Wasteland inspired bumper. It's 3D printed so I hope it'll hold up long enough, but I'll likely have to figure out how to make something stronger later on.

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