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Element Enduro Builders Kit Build Series - Part 7 - Rock Pirates RC Parts

Finally getting back to the Element Enduro Builders Kit Build. In this build I add some parts from Rock Pirates RC. I'll be adding their rear shock towers, narrow sliders and battery tray.

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Here are the Rock Pirates RC parts for the Enduro that I got.

Rock Pirates RC "Power Wagon" sliders for the Enduro/SCX10II

Rock Pirates RC Shock Towers for the Enduro/SCX10II

Rock Pirates RC Battery Tray for the Enduro/SCX10II - *note this is the older version without the battery strap guides. The new one has battery strap guides and I'm now using the new ones

Here are the rear shock towers installed. I used a 70mm link and some spacers to brace the shock towers.

Here is the initial version of the Rock Pirates RC battery tray installed... I've since swapped the newer version with battery strap guides.

This is probably my favorite part from them. The power wagon sliders. You'll understand why I like them so much later on, but they hug the power wagon body perfectly!

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