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Element Enduro Builders Kit Build Series - Part 9 - Club5 Racing, Brazin Scale and Hardcore RC Parts

I tried to get the Enduro chassis sitting low and remedy the challenges that come with trying to achieve it. I'll be using parts from Club 5 Racing, Brazin Scale RC, and Hardcore RC to get it where I want. I'll also be using a 500oz servo from Armory RC.

Adding this nice Armory RC Katana 500 servo.

I'm only using the front set of the Brazin shock towers with integrated panhard mount.

Using Club 5 Racing Shock bushings/standoffs and High clearance links

Link rod-ends all threaded on

Shock bushings and shock towers on

High clearance links on

Hmmm... we got a problem here. Can't get full compression

Hardcore RC high offset panhard to the rescue

That's much better

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